advice needed please

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advice needed please

Post by lincslass61 » Fri Mar 24, 2017 11:15 am

i'm in a dilema. last year i purchased my council house,my neighbour had purchased his abour 13 years prior to this. when the council measured the boudary it was found my neighbour had enroached my boundary by building a fishpond which as its at a angle some of it encroached my boundary. the council said the boundary must be put back before my sale went ahead. i thought great but then they changed their minds. i solictor said to take it through the courts to reclaim that part of my boundary would be expensive.
then came last year just after i brought it my neighbour had built a picket fence which also encroached my boundary . we asked his permission to have it removed for us to have a new fence put up. as nearly every post of his fence was rotten and broken he said yes. but the moment our workmen touched his fence he was out there shouting "criminal damage" and all sorts of abusive threatening behaviour. so i called the police. long story but just after my fence was installed within 30 minutes of the workmen leaving the neighbour who was unaware the police had advised me to put a camera in my windowsill upstairs ,he was caught on my cctv camera pushing and leaning on every panel sending the whole lot out of alignment. it cost me alot of money to have it put right ,so then he changed tact he started mowing his lawn next to my fence stopping and leaning on it.
anyway the court case is still ongoing for criminal damage but with the bad storm we had and with what he was doing when mowing his lawn it has gone out of alignment again. this time i have to save up more money to get it put right. but heres my problem
he has now had a roof structure built to go over his pond .now by looking at it when put over his pond it will be pushing against my fence in some places. which means when i do get my fence fixed yet again, his roof structure will be in the way of putting the fence panels near it back into their right positions.
i need some advice of who do i contact? is it the planning dept of my local council.i would add photos but cant see how to so you can understand what i'm talking about.
what i'm worried about is because my fence posts are loose in the ground is him pushing my fence my way to get his roof structure on his pond then i wont be able to get it fixed. as it is now without pushing on my fence by the looks of it his roof structure will not fit on his pond without touching or pressing against my fence.
sorry its a long post.

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Re: advice needed please

Post by MacadamB53 » Fri Mar 24, 2017 11:32 am

Hi lincslass61,

unless this roof structure is massive - over 4m tall - it won't be a concern of the council planning dept.

his behaviour might be said to be anti-social / a nuisance - the council will have a team for that.

otherwise, you're on your own I'm afraid.

it sounds, though, like he's not actually installed the roof structure yet, so you might be worrying over nothing...

Kind regards, Mac

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