garden waste behind fence

garden waste behind fence

Postby jane-f » Sun Apr 09, 2017 10:19 pm

Looking for some advice on an issue I'm having, will try to keep it short.

A number of years ago the council put fencing up at the top of our garden without permission, they were doing all the council houses in the row, ours is in the middle of two council houses so they decided to just carry on, we caught them just as the fencing was half up and complained because they had errected it in the wrong spot about a foot in to our garden, fence couldn't be moved as the concrete posts had set, so they put us some gates on.

Not long after this houses were built on the land at the back, we approched the builders and explained everything and showed them the map with the boundry lines on it, they agreed and when they built the fence for the house at the back they put their fence about 3 foot away from ours.

Fast forward to today, the neighbour at the back is throwing all his garden waste over his fence in to this gap, i caught him today and complained that he was causing damage to my fence and he should not be chucking anything between the fences, he was quite rude and stated he had checked and no one owns the land between the fences, basically said i just wanted to moan, at that point i did tell him to expect everything he had chucked over back in his garden tomorrow.

Is there anything i can do to stop this continuing, the gate we have i can't even open it due to the amount thats been chucked over, i can't afford a solicitor at the moment, just want to get it resolved before my fence is damaged.
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Re: garden waste behind fence

Postby Collaborate » Sun Apr 09, 2017 11:13 pm

Remove your fence. You should never have allowed it to remain there, as that has caused the problem that you now have. You can either restate the fence abutting your neighbour's or leave it entirely, relying on your neighbour's fence. Then you can return their waste in to their garden, if you want, though it might well start a tit for tat kind of escalation.
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