Neighbour removing things of my fence & cut me.

Neighbour removing things of my fence & cut me.

Postby Ophelia77 » Fri Apr 14, 2017 9:56 am

So as bizarre as this sounds it is true. I have a poor relation with my neighbour to start with since they moved in three years ago. They put an ugly extension on their property that isn't even classed as a proper building so they never required planning permission and then put a dinning table in their. So as they were then in this room they could see into our little courtyard. There is a dry stone wall of perhaps 1.5metres separating the yards and they added to the top of that a wooden picket fence with large gaps. So on our side of the wall we added a bamboo screen of around two meters and a few large bamboo planet. Behind that a large mirror that reflects the plants back into the garden. They did not like this because they say it made them have less light and they have a right to light. Which I am aware is a common law but looking Ito an Extra 50metre of fencing has not reduced their light by any significant. Basically she then removed my mirror and threw it into our garden. I put them back up. She did the same again. As I was putting the mirror back she came at the fence with a pair of scissors and whisky I was holding onto my fence cut my hand and caused a deep cut on my finger. Am I right in thinking that she certainly cannot cut me or remove my property? The police are taking over a w week to call round, obviously it's insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but they say they are unlikely to be able to do anything about this. It is on CCTV but all you can see is her arms dragging at me and the scissors. You can see her grabbing at me and dragging the fence trying to get to the mirror. There is also a point where she purposely snips at my finger.
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Re: Neighbour removing things of my fence & cut me.

Postby mr sheen » Fri Apr 14, 2017 2:44 pm

Their extension doesn't need to be aesthetically pleasing to you. You seem to have an issue with the neighbour having an extension and you need to get over this.

you have no right to put anything on the fence that they own and erected and if you do eg a mirror, they can remove it and they did.

The police will decide if you were attacked or not, we here have no idea.

However in cases where both neighbours are behaving badly, the police have little sympathy since they have other important work to do.

If you ignore the neighbour and leave their property alone, they may well do the same and that seems like a good idea.
If you cannot live there any more, then in this free country you have the option to move. If you choose to stay then both parties need to start behaving with respect for the others rights to do with their property as they please. This starts with moving on and setting a good example.
mr sheen
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Re: Neighbour removing things of my fence & cut me.

Postby despair » Fri Apr 14, 2017 6:38 pm

if you do not want to see the neighbour you need to install a solid fence on your own posts tight up to the wall
you could make a framework and staple the bamboo to it but you cannot attach anything to the neighbours fence
if the wall is yours then they had no right to install a fence in it or on it

the max height of any fence is 2 metres although i doubt the planners would take action if your framework with bamboo screen on was 2.25 m high
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Re: Neighbour removing things of my fence & cut me.

Postby jonahinoz » Wed Apr 26, 2017 9:27 am

Hi Ophelia,

I think that if blood was drawn, that counts as Grievous Bodily Harm (same as if she had taken an axe and chopped you leg off ... same offence, different degree). I don't think the police should be too busy to deal with that. Did you get a Crime Number. Ask your local Police Commissioner for his thoughts ... that's what he is there for.

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