Who owns the fence?

Who owns the fence?

Postby aries17 » Sun Aug 13, 2017 7:01 pm

When we bought our property, the previous owners advised us and gave us evidence that the fence surrounding our rear property was ours. They put in and paid for all 3 sides.
One of the neighbours over the years has grown a creeper over the fence, tied roses to the fence and lent wood against the fence. We have never raised an objection to them doing this.
Earlier this year they advised us that they were intending to replace "their" fence. We are aware that the fence is on their boundary as per the plans we have seen however as they did not pay for the current fence, can they claim ownership and replace it?
I caught her this evening pulling branches of our small plum tree over her side to cut! I know my rights with this one!
Assistance regarding fence ownership would be appreciated. Thanks very much.
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Re: Who owns the fence?

Postby stufe35 » Sun Aug 13, 2017 7:12 pm

If it needs renewing and they are planning to replace it on the same line, why worry...let them get on with it and save yourself some brass. ? or offer to contribute for a say in the design/quality of the fence. Don't start a battle if you can avoid it, life is too short. Keep talking to each other through out the build so you both remain happy. Worst thing is to come back from a weekend away to find the job done ...but not where or how you expected.
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