Fence replacement

Fence replacement

Postby monty » Sun Mar 20, 2005 4:08 pm

In my garden there are 6 ft panels all the way around but I would like to know if I am responsable for all of them as some of the panels have come down . my neibour erected them on the west side but he stated that if they come down he will not be replacing them as he has very large conifir trees and he says this is all he needs to mark his bounderys.


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Postby Franczola » Sun Mar 20, 2005 4:18 pm

Check your deeds or on the Land registary website to find out who is responsible for the fences around your garden.

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Postby Angelisle » Sun Mar 20, 2005 6:26 pm

Land Registry online
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Re: Fence replacement

Postby Maverick.uk » Sun Mar 20, 2005 9:15 pm

There may be no requirement to maintain a fence. Check both yours and their deeds.


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Postby Beech » Tue Mar 22, 2005 3:28 am

If there is ownership of boundaries it is likely to be marked with a "T" on your side of the boundary if you own it and on the neighbours side if they own it. You will beable to see this on the filed plans for your property.
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