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Post by DavidM » Mon Jul 26, 2010 5:38 pm

also my parents house backs on to a communal garage space of 6 garages.

There conifers grow just over part of the car park (boundary) just in front of one of the garages.

My dad went & told the owner of a few of the garages about one of the flat roofs caving in (you can see the roofs from there bedroom window), instead of being grateful of being told about them he started to suggest that he would of done it sooner had the conifer wasnt in the way & it may be adding to the problem!

The conifer does not interfere with the garage at all, doesnt hang over the roof & wont stop anyone opening the door! What a cheek!

Several of the garages are rented out (this guys a landlord) & he has left alot of them fall in to disrepair. Basically he just cant be bothered!

My dad wont be bothered to help him in future!
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