Neighbour removed headge

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Neighbour removed headge

Post by StevieT » Tue Sep 14, 2010 5:06 pm

Posting on behalf of a friend.

He was away for a few days, and returned to find some destruction. Difficult to describe, but I'll try.

He had a garage build beside a small concrete yard which is at a higher level. To the rear of this is some houses, one in particular bordering his property. There was a small stone wall, and on top/behind this was a hedge that had been there for quite some years.
He had left a void between this wall/hedge and his new garage, for obvious drainage and damp reasons. The outer wall was also protected by PVC as required, and small pebbles to assist drainage.
In total, some 50-60ft of hedge etc.
The hedge was 100% on his property, and he does in fact own a few feet beyond the hedge.

So...the neighbour decided he wanted to put a fence up, so has totally removed the hedge, the wall, damaged most of the drainage, damaged the PVC damp protection for the wall of his garage.
With the mess that has been created, his garage wall is now a retaining wall for the neighbours garden, instead of the stone wall that had been there !! Again, there is some 4ft difference in height between garden and ground level of garage.

The issue isnt where the fence is going, that is ok. It's jsut the level of destruction that has been caused. The removal of a hedge/wall that is far older than the neighbours house. And now the possible structural/damp risk to the garage.

If you've followed me this far....where on earth does my friend stand ? I'm half expecting the police to fob him off, but I'll wait and see.
Surely it wont be a case of having to spend a fortune on solicitors etc to resolve the matter ?
It isnt as if the neighbour dont it by accident either. He removed the hedge as he reckoned it was quicker to do that, than trim or whatever....despite the fact it isnt his hedge at all !! Nor did he need to touch it to build his fence !



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Post by despair » Tue Sep 14, 2010 6:13 pm

Firstly your friend needs to very carefully check his mortgage /insurances/credit cards/union membership for LEGAL EXPENSES COVER

2nd he needs to get quotes to rectify the damage and replace hedge and stone walls etc

then file a claim hopefully in the small claims court for the costs of repairs

If he has legal expenses they will take over and deal with the neighbour

your friend needs copies of his deeds and the neighbours £5 each downloaded from plus ant photos of previous situation and lots of the destruction

He should get the police involved too as this is wanton destruction and criminal damage and get an incident number

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Post by StevieT » Tue Sep 14, 2010 7:37 pm

Thanks, will pass it on.

Never thought about house insurance etc. Police are involved, when I called round today they were already there. Although they only stopped the 2 men carrying out any further work. The actual neighbour/owner wasnt there. ( he's paying builders to carry out the work, so will likely try and blame them just to add further confusion. )

He's 100% sure about the ownership/deeds etc, as there was a previous incident with the same neighbour only a few months back about the hedge, whereby the neighbour seemed to think it was my friends fault, that the neighbours dog could escape through his hedge !!!

Never could understand that one.

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Post by w3526602 » Fri Oct 01, 2010 8:01 am


You need a fence to keep your animals IN, not other peoples animals OUT.

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