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i own my house, at the back of house the local council are redowing the walkway, i am gutted they have cut down , and i mean cut right down my privets,without asking me i have a little fence infrount of them, but the privets kept me secure i feel wide open now, can i do anything? my land my privets ? thanks tracey
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Re: hedgeing

Postby catapult1 » Thu Nov 25, 2010 12:24 pm

Were the privets yours on your land behind the fence ie your land, privet hedge, fence, council land?

If the privet was your side of the fence then the council had no right to cut it down. They could of course cut back to the boundry but no further.

If the privet was the council side of the fence then they may not be aware it is yours.

Who have you contacted over this and what did they say?
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