Neighbours appear to hate anything green

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Neighbours appear to hate anything green

Post by Nature_Lover » Tue May 03, 2011 10:51 am

Hello there

My neighbours moved in about 3 years ago. Within days, they had ripped every plant from their front garden that a former owner had planted. They had only been in the (terraced) house about 2 weeks when they asked if they could trim their side of the huge old beautiful tree that was planted to the side of my drive. Of course, I had no objections. One morning, we were rudely woken by a Neanderthal with a chainsaw. They cut the whole tree down (all 30ft of it) and dug out the root. I objected and had the monkey with said chainsaw rev the thing in my face. Being a lone parent with young children at home, I left well alone.

About 12/18 months later, they proceeded to pull down and dig up a Clematis that I had growing at the front of the house. They said it was pulling their drainpipe down, it wasn't.

Yesterday, I heard the chainsaw again. This time, they've picked on my hedge that separates our gardens. The hedge has been there years, long before I moved in. I agree it needs a trim every now and then but they've taken it right back to the fence and there are gaping wholes in it where they can see straight in to my once very private garden.Today, my hedge is looking VERY sorry for itself. The leaves seem to have gone all limp on my side. They've asked me on more than one occasion if they could "get rid" of the hedge and replace it with fencing. I said no. I'm now wondering if they've intentionally killed it because, they had friends there whilst cutting the hedge back. I heard one of them laughing and saying " that hedge is DEAD"

Another thing that bothers me is, they have a rather nasty dog. I have dogs of my own and of course, I have children. I'm now worried sick about letting the dogs out in to their own garden for fear of next door's dog getting on to my property and doing God knows what.

I'm actually considering moving because, between their apparent hatred of plants and the regular VERY loud parties, they're slowly driving me insane.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

If the hedge dies, I will not be impressed and certainly won't keep quiet about it this time.

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Re: Neighbours appear to hate anything green

Post by despair » Tue May 03, 2011 3:07 pm

Whilst they can cut back the hedge to the boundary they cannot cause it to die which in this heat is likely

Equally since they have a dog unless they instal a fence the dog will be trespassing in your garden
They have a duty to retain their animal in their ground

If you intend to move its best not to make waves as you do not need a dispute on your hands if you want to sell

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Re: Neighbours appear to hate anything green

Post by Sadgardener2 » Thu May 05, 2011 7:53 pm

They came in your garden to pull up the clematis?

This is harassment you know.

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