Neighbours not wanting us to trim our hedge - advice please!

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Neighbours not wanting us to trim our hedge - advice please!

Post by josseyc » Sat Aug 06, 2011 8:46 pm


I have just joined this forum and hoping that someone can give me some advice.

We have unfortunately recently fallen out with our neighbours over noise from them. Today there has been further disagreement as they were cutting into our hedge at the front of our property. As they were literally leaving gaping holes in the hedge my husband went out to ask them what they were doing. They said that they were cutting back to the level of their boundary. I dont actually have a problem with this as such but in reality they have cut further and left a massive hole in the middle of the hedge.

However, the issue I could use some advice on is that there is a massive hedge between our two properties in the garden on our boundary line (planted long before either of us owned the properties). It is very high (about 15 foot from ground level) but as we are on a downward slope both of our decks are raised so it is actually about 7 ft high on the area that we both use. The hedge is very wide (about 3 foot) and I am fairly sure some of that width goes into their land. They have never made any attempts to cut it back to the boundary line or discussed this as an issue before. Last weekend my husband trimmed back the winter growth on both our side of the hedge as well as the top of the hedge. During this discussion today they claimed that they were going to call the police for criminal damage as my husband trimmed the top of the hedge and that some of that hedge was actually in their garden. We didnt even consider this other than we thought we were being neighbourly in making the hedge tidy and thought it would be petty to tidy half of the width of the hedge!

So my questions are:
If the hedge is on our boundary line and majority of it is in our garden does that make it our hedge?
Do they 'own' the part of the hedge that is in their land?
If it is all our hedge, do we have the right to trim all of the top - even if some of that top may be in their garden?
It is very difficult to keep it tidy from the ground area as it is so high and we were planning to cut it down a few feet - however neighbours complained that our trimming it was reducing the height so I know they would complain if we did give it a really good cut back. Do we have the right to do this?

Thanks all so much in advance for any advice you can give. I am finding all of these neighbourly issues really stressful!


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Re: Neighbours not wanting us to trim our hedge - advice ple

Post by despair » Sun Aug 07, 2011 4:44 am

If its your hedge planted in your garden then yes its yours to maintain the height at the top and at 15ft would seem high enough both for privacy and safe cutting and would look silly with 2 different heights across the top

As you say correctly your neighbours can of course cut back the face strictly to the boundary and no furthur so they should not have cut a gaping hole

I guess your neighbours are simply trying to be difficult for the sake of it because you have fallen out ........funny but its ususally hedges that cause neighbour fall outs

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