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My neighbour has planted approx 12, 1.5 metre high Leylandi next to my boundary wall (brick) from that wall my house is 120cm with a path in between I asked the neighbour about their intentions they said it was 'screening and privacy' my neighbours house lies some 50 metres away from this wall. I am aware of high hedge act but just want a peaceful life and this is not any easy way forward and I am quite elderly, and thoughts to anyone found them selves in this position. I am concerned about wall damage ( as its my responsibly) or worse (home) if they grow tall thanks in advance
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Re: Leylandii

Postby COGGY » Fri Mar 09, 2012 11:05 am

I don't have any knowledge myself. Have you seen the question from Little Tinka Leyland Query on 4 August 2011. This may help you.
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