My hedge boundary alongside country lane

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My hedge boundary alongside country lane

Post by verno » Wed Jun 13, 2012 4:49 pm

Next to a remote lane I have a 5 acre field with a soil bank/part stone wall around it say 3 to 4 ft high. Out of the top of this is mixed hazel/thorn and any thing else growing. Side ways ferns grow out. I have now lived at this property for six years and in the past have employed a contractor to flail the whole lot at the end of the season. In the last two years I have had this trimmed twice a year around August and Oct. The lane is a dead end, about 400yds long and feeds two houses. One I have no problems with, but they complain when I trim the hedge saying it no longer looks rural. The other house the occupant came round the first month I moved in and told me the previous owners never trimmed the hedges in five years and she had threatened them with legal action, hence my at least annual tidy up.
Yesterday, this second house sent her gardener round who had a fit, telling my wife they had complained to the council and parish council, and as she had now bought a new vehicle (the last one was a Chelsea Tractor type, Lexus that does'nt easily fit) I am responsible for the scratches to the sides of her car and would hold us to account. As its only June Defra tell me no hedge cutting till end July, and quite frankly as I have been approached in such a confrontational way I think once a year from now on.
To add, the opposite side of the lane is similar with the exception that it has only been trimmed once, last year in the six years I have been here, this clearly forces you away from that side as its well overgrown.
So is once a year enough, can I be held responsible for her scratches (although from which side of the lane?) When she moved in (ten years ago?) this was as it is today, a country lane and must have given this consideration before buying?

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Re: My hedge boundary alongside country lane

Post by TO » Wed Jun 13, 2012 5:38 pm


Sometimes you just can't please anyone.

Trim the hedge once a year around February/March. I would still check for active birds nests before doing it, and keep a note that I've checked. If active nests are found leave that section untrimmed until the birds have left.Trim it, if possible, back far enough so that it does not overhang the track, and has sufficient space to put on some growth without overhanging.

Can she prove the scratches were from your bushes. I doubt it but it would be worth asking her for her proof just to make sure she's not having a laugh. If you are being reasonable in your trimming then what more can you do.

One word of caution, don't go removing the hedge, or part thereof, without first notifying the planning authority. There's a form to fill in but no fee if you want to try and get the hedge removed.


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