hedge ownership

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hedge ownership

Post by Fig Roll » Wed Sep 30, 2015 9:07 pm

Evening, thoughts appreciated please.

Our rear boundary feature is an old farm type hedge that was in place when the house was built late 50's.

Houses behind built in the 80's and have a fence as their rear boundary feature, small gap then the hedge in question.

When we bought the house about 7 years ago the homebuyers pack stated the rear hedge was ours. On the ground, it would appear to belong to our house based on their fence set up on the other side and the general appearance.

I have trimmed the hedge since we moved in on our side and along the top. This year one rear neighbour demanded I stop cutting their hedge. unwilling to discuss with me they resorted to foul language And childish gesticulations. I have never noticed them trimming their side before where odd bits may poke over the fence on their side.

I have both sets of title plan from the LR and got extracts from our deeds from our mortgage provider. On the deeds the T is on our side but is not referenced in the text. The neighbours title plan refers to their boundary walls and fences as being joint responsibilities (would it mention a hedge if the hedge was a joint boundary feature?).

I have no intention of entering into any kind of dispute but I would like to know (if possibles) what the truth is for my own peace of mind (there was a couple of veiled threats in my discussion with the neighbour).

I am aware that their issue with us is about another matter and this is just a childish spat but equally it has narked me.

So What is my next move in terms of establishing ownership? Is there one or do I leave it alone? My concern is they may act spitefully and damage or try to replace the hedge and we are left firefighting, Forewarned being forearmed as they say.

Thanks for looking.
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Re: hedge ownership

Post by Collaborate » Wed Sep 30, 2015 9:50 pm

I'd provide them with a copy of your evidence from your deeds (the homebuyers pack doesn't really mean anything) and their deeds (much more useful if it says the fence is a boundary) and then observe that if they try and interfere with your management of your hedge you will have to resort to the law.

Take photos of the current state of the hedge.

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Re: hedge ownership

Post by cleo5 » Wed Sep 30, 2015 10:38 pm

Carry on cutting.
It's your hedge -both sides of it. It was your house's boundary when it was built 50 yrs ago. How could it suddenly become
the boundary of the newer house? If a shared boundary there would be no gap.

Do you go out of your garden and walk along the gap in between to cut the other side? or isn't the gap big enough. Who owns the gap?
If the hedge was their boundary then the fence would not have been erected.

It seems the T mark means little without written stuff in deeds to back it up.

What is the position with your next door neighbours end boundary. Is his also part of the same hedge and does he cut his?

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Re: hedge ownership

Post by Fig Roll » Sat Oct 03, 2015 8:40 pm

Cheers both.

I have taken some photos already.

I can just about squeeze down the gap between the fence and hedge. I don't do it often as i end up being caught up with thorns etc and tbh the fence is in poor condition. I would hate to fall through it and land in their garden :)

it does continue along the rear of our neighbour and like ours it spans two people at the rear. Things along there seem much more amicable and the other side tend to keep their side trimmed but the only trimming needed is above the fence line so it's not too much to do.

Things have calmed down so I may gather as much supporting information as possible and keep it in my pocket for the time being.

Thanks for taking time to reply.
Fig Roll

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