Adive required

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Adive required

Post by Chunkyfathead » Fri Mar 31, 2017 10:27 pm

Hello All

I need some sound advice, I'll try and keep it brief....

For a number of year we have lived / Rented 3 Semi detached town house which has a slopping garden at the rear with 6ft boundary fence between our property and the one next door..... and we have enjoyed our privicy whereas the neighbours cannot see in our garden and vise versa.......

This was until a few weeks ago when our neighbours decided to build a platform deck at the very end of his garden, whilst it was comical how he built it.... now we find that when they are on this structure they can not just only see into our garden but its possible that they can see in my rear living room.....

Other half spoke with the landlord and from the impression I got they where as unhelpful as a chocolate fire guard....... then I spoke with the council who inform me that even putting a screen at the top of the fince would only give me about 5inchs to the max allowed height of 2m... any higher and we would need planning permission at a cost of £180 and not much chance of it being approved......

But then the guy in the council office suggested " why not plant something along the boundary line "

Ok Im down with that... but what happens when it reached the fence height and above where I want it to be...... isnt there going to be issues with the height and possible claim from next door of obstructing natural light.....

Seems to me you can invade someones privicy without planning consent but to get it back
is like a mine file of possible challenges.....

Anyway can someone offer the best way forward... types of hedges / trees that has good growth and can be kept neat and tidy without putting any forceable pressure on the current fencing.... dont want to give them more ammunition to use......

PS same time theyve painted there side of the fence with a nasty dark green / grey...... and my side of the boundary fence looks pretty bad now the paint has seeped through

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Re: Adive required

Post by Collaborate » Fri Mar 31, 2017 10:54 pm

It is really hard to get a ruling that a hedge is actionable under the high hedges legislation, and in any event you'd only get ordered to cut it down to a height that is still I'm sure far higher than you need.

Go ahead and plant away.

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Re: Adive required

Post by span » Sat Apr 01, 2017 2:35 pm

Bamboo is your friend. Plant lots and lots of the lovely bamboo stuff.

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Re: Adive required

Post by Chunkyfathead » Sat Apr 01, 2017 7:01 pm

Thanks for the advice guys ...... Decided that we are gonna be doing a hedge.....just dunno what to buy and still have concerns about it pushing on the dividing fence.....

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Re: Adive required

Post by despair » Sun Apr 02, 2017 6:18 pm

if the fence they painted belongs to your house / landlord they have no right whatever to paint it
have they piled soil against the fence because that too is illegal
do they have planning permision for their decking because they may well need it
as your renting you need to be careful what you plant but its the one situation i would plant leylandi
they are highly unlikely to get any help on light deprivation at the bottom if a garden

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Re: Adive required

Post by jonahinoz » Fri Apr 14, 2017 9:15 am

do they have planning permision for their decking because they may well need it

Hi Chunky,

You have a 6ft fence, but your neighbours can look over it into your living room? The quick answer is "lace curtains" ... which my wife hates.

Hmmm! If the gardens sloped UP, they could see into your living room. If your neighbour was unduly tall, he could see into your living room. If you had the more normal 4ft fence, he could see into your living room. But I doubt that you wanted t know that. :D

Decking should not be more than 12" above ground level. But your neighbour is probably relying on the convention that measurement is taken from the highest point immediately next to the building. So a question for the experts ... if you can build a shed that is 2.5m high at the end facing you house, and 5m high at the end facing away from your house, provided the ridge is horizontal, why cannot you erect a fence that is 6ft high where it meets your house, and 20ft high :shock: at the bottom of the garden, provided the top of that fence is horizontal? I've never noticed that loophole being closed, in the regulations .... but I bet it is. So, just asking!

John W

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