Neighbour Hedge

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Neighbour Hedge

Post by mdaga18 » Sat Apr 01, 2017 8:28 am

Hello All,

We moved in our home nearly two years ago and saved money to get our garden sorted. My neighbour is on his own and hence his garden has never been looked after since years. It was this Tuesday my gardener started the work to cut the hedges, abivosouly my side to put the fence up. I already spoke to my neighbour who is in his late eighties , that cutting my side of hedges and putting up the fence. After gaining his approval we got this work started as my neighbour is very kind gentlemen as he allowed the access to the gardener from his side garden. My husband and myself work full time hence cannot be present all time to supervise gardeners.

On Wednesday I came in my lunch break to give some money to gardener and check if everything was going ok. My gardener mentioned that our neighbour has mentioned to them to not to cut one first corner hedge. At that point I was bit surprised but not said anything to my gardener. I knocked my neighbour's door but no answer and I left to work thinking my gardener won't cut anything if it's not my side of the hedge. However in evening I get a phone call from my neighbour saying that gardener have cut his fence too and was very unhappy, which I can understand but I was not home at that point to see.
Wednesday night at 8pm I went to my neighbour to apologise if anything like this has happened and explained to him that I only instructed my gardener to take my side of hedges. My neighbour said that he will speak to my gardener in the morning.

On Thursday evening, I get a phone call from my neighbour's daughter to say that she is very angry that that particular first corner hedge is cut. She said that it was planted or it was her mothers hedge, who died three years ago. I was in utter shock and had anything to say. Then she asked me to speak to my gardener about compensation. I told her that I will speak to my gardener and keep her posted.

At this point, I don't know what to do. I spoke to my gardener last night (Friday) asking that why did you cut my neighbour's side particularly first corner, my gardener explained that this particular hedge was dead already and because when he cut my side of it which was overlapping this dead bit, was explosed more and hence it's looking like he cut it. My gardener explained to me that he has only taken what was required and only trimmed that particular corner bit.
My gardener has explained to me that he has not taken the roots out, he has cut the bushes from my side and it will grow.

My gardener has said that he will trim my neighbour's hedge too and tidy his garden too for free.

I'm writing here to understand what could I do. I do not want any upset neighbour specially when my neighbour has always been kind and helped me providing access to the gardener as I don't have side access to my garden. I wanted fence in my garden but never intent to upset my neighbours.

Thank you for all your help and advice.


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