Hedge cutting - Who pays ?

Hedge cutting - Who pays ?

Postby asdash » Sat Apr 22, 2017 2:17 pm

The neighbors behind us have several(think about 6) VERY large conifers which are on their side of the boundary fence.

They came round yesterday to let us know they were getting them trimmed and could they access our garden to do it - to which I happily agreed

However they then said it was costing them £300 to trim their side and the top but if we wanted the overhang on our side trimming it would cost us £100 !! - before I get back to them am I right in thinking this is not the case ?

Also they are only planning to trim about 1m from the top of the trees, they are as tall as the house so I would prefer they went a bit lower - is there a guideline amount I can suggest.

They do provide screening between our houses but all our windows on the first floor at the back have frosted glass anyway so they don't make much of a differance.


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Re: Hedge cutting - Who pays ?

Postby mr sheen » Sat Apr 22, 2017 2:46 pm

You have the right to remove overhang into your garden at your own expense.
So they are correct that if you want the overhang in your garden you would be liable for the costs. However they seem to need to access your garden to do the works they want doing so there may be room for negotiation.
You have no right to get them to reduce the height but if you want this done, perhaps asking for it nicely considering their need to access via your garden may be an option.
Alternatively you could agree to the £100 to cut back on your side AND access to your garden if they will have x metres removed.
Negotiation is the way to go.
mr sheen
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