Hedge height issue in back garden

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Hedge height issue in back garden

Post by sweet106 » Thu Aug 03, 2006 3:05 pm


I have recently moved into a new property. In the back garden there is a hedge that my neighbour says is theirs. I presume it is. However, as it is rather overgrown i have not been able to check where around the boundary it is planted, i.e. my side or theirs.

My issue is that it is waist height which means we we have no
privacy in our garden. Fences are sound barriers and also to block people's view of you in your garden after all, especially in close proximity.

They also have a full view of our kitchen and dining room, therefore if we want privacy we have to keep our blindes closed which is rather claustrophobic.

I did speak to them about the hedge, i asked if it would be possible to grow it another foot or two to give us privacy as a compromise, we then would not need to touch the hedge. They replied saying they didn't want to as they then felt claustraphobic as they were used to a large garden! They also said not to speak to them about it again as they are thinking of moving - what do we do in the meantime, not enjoy our garden!

I have been trying to find out what i can and can't do. I believe i can cut the bush back to my boundary, which will be where my house ends and his starts as they are terrace housing. I also believe i can butt up to the hedge and the small bit of fence they have that is only about 5ft tall also. I can touch it but i can't put attach anything to it etc.

My plan therefore is to erect my own fence just in front of the boundary on my land. Can i cut the hedge back? Can i erect my own fence on my land? Can i inform them it is there responsibility to make sure that the hedge does not damage my fence due to over growth etc?

They also have a hedge in the front garden as a boundary. They come into our front garden without asking our permission to cut the hedge and just leave the cuttings for us to clear up. I have not said anything about this but i would rather them tidy up after themselves or just leave it and i will do it at a convenient time to myself. The height of the hedge at the front is higher than the one at the back. I also want to add that they said they like low boundaries so as they can talk to their neighbours, which is us, i prefer privacy! He also shouts into our kitchen to get our attention, this i ignore.

Please advise.


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Post by despair » Thu Aug 03, 2006 4:28 pm

firstly you are well within your rights to cut the hedge right back to the boundary and put a 6ft6in high fence tight up to that boundary

It could be the 5ft bit of fence is actually yours .....

As for the front hedge .........in many ways its nice that they honour their responsibility to cut it but they certainly should not leave you with a mess

If they are going to sell its in their interest to be amicable to your requests because you could start a dispute that will then jeopordise their sale so they need to think more carefully abvout their negative response

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Re: Hedge height issue in back garden

Post by andrew54 » Sun Aug 06, 2006 6:05 pm

sweet106 wrote:Hi,
I have recently moved into a new property
Before you put up your high fence for privacy could you try enjoying the lowish hedge? With a small garden the low hedge has many advantages, why not give it a try?

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