Row of fir trees 1m from property

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Row of fir trees 1m from property

Post by Avrora » Mon Aug 07, 2006 11:19 pm

We are considering buying a property which has a fence running 1m away from the property the full length of one side. This is a boundary fence, and we have just noticed that the neighbours have planted a row of fir trees within inches of the fence on their side. The trees are now about 8 feet high and approx. 5 years old. The house itself is only 6 years old. With the trees being planted just 1 meter away from the property, are the roots likely to be affected the house foundations? Is there an age by which fir tree roots stop growing?

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Post by despair » Tue Aug 08, 2006 12:09 am

As has been said by another poster on this forum

If there are conifers/fir trees planted along a boundary not buy the house

if the trees are that close to the fence and in 5 years are 8 ft high they are growing fast and most fir trees can reach dizzy heights

Also the spread of the trees will soon be trespassing your 1 metre space and require constant trimming back not difficult at 8 ft high but above that !!!!!!!

If you have clay soil then yes subsidence is always a possibility much depends though on the quality of your foundations

As a sufferer of a neighbours fir trees i would not recomend you embark on gaining a ready made lot

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