Boundary hedge

Boundary hedge

Postby Tigerman » Thu Jun 02, 2005 9:53 am

Just a query. When we moved in just over 3 years ago our neighbour mentioned that the hedge between our two houses was in fact ours. Since then we've trimmed the hedge just to the height we wanted to maintain some privacy from them and their noisy football loving sons. This family are no longer friendly as we now consider them NFH. However it looks as though the mister is about to cut the hedge once more (he cut it last year). The thing is that although its quite high its not in fact giving them cause to complain as we are the ones in its shade! How do we stand should he cut it down by a foot or three? It was fairly high when we moved in and although at first we did start to lower the height we stopped to allow it to grow higher once more to keep the footballs out. Has he any right to cut it lower or what? Its not even evergreen as its mostly hawthorn!
We're housing association tenants whiles't they own. Our landlords wouldn't care if we complained to them.
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Re: Boundary hedge

Postby » Thu Jun 02, 2005 4:12 pm


Any problems really are your landlords, however, if the hedge is within the bounds of the propoerty you rent then your neighbour cannot cut the top. They can only trim that which crosses the boundary.


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