Public Road.

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Public Road.

Post by w3526602 » Wed Jun 08, 2011 6:54 am


My street ends in a hammerhead, with a road junction about 25 metres before the hammerhead.

The hammerhead is used as a car park by the houses fronting onto it. Currently, there is a 5 metre caravan parked in a corner, complete with a mains hook-up cable crossing the footpath. Cars park along the pavents both sides of the road, with some parkin "nose-in". All houses fronting the hammerhead have had extensions built over their drive areas, so they do not have off-street parking. There is not sufficient room to turn in the hammerhead, so everyone has to drive in and reverse out. It is, effectively, their own private car park.

The obvious alternative, is to use the road junction to perform a 3-point turn. But its amazing how busy this little side street is. On one occasion I saw three cars approaching the junction down my street, with another two approaching from the side street. I left them to sort it out.

I would like to see my street turned into a cul-de-sac, with a few metres of the side street used as a new hammerhead ..... the old hammerhead to remain as a car park. I thought I was alone in that desire, but I have found that a couple of my neighbours are having similar thoughts.

Several of us feel that recent alteration to the layout at the other end of our street is dangerous. But as the council Planners have spent a lot of money making it dangerous, what can we do?

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