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Hi Everyone
Its me Ellamay having yet another problem with my neighbour, he has put a light on his fence that is directly lighting up my land and onto the R.O.W which is currently under dispute. this has never been lit up before, and the light also shines up my bedroom window.
I have not asked him to do this nor do I want it, am I legally entitled to ask him to remove it.

Ellamay :x
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Re: light

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I can't think of any law which prohibits casting light onto someone else's land from your own property. A sympathetic bobby might try a harassment warning, but they're pretty toothless if there's no case to prosecute.

This is just a skirmish in a much bigger battle, with lawyers and everything - I think you should ignore it and concentrate on the main event.
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Re: light


If this light is very bright and shines into your bedroom window, the environmental health might be of some help.
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Re: light

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Place a mirror so his light is reflected back into his bedroom window. :D Or just install your own security light pointing towards his house. :twisted:

I have queried (on a different forum) the question of insustrial security lighting dazzling drivers on the nearby road. There was some comment about light polution, but it seems that not a lot can be done about it.

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