Shared drive with inequitable use

Shared drive with inequitable use

Postby jdfi » Mon May 29, 2017 10:42 pm

Hello, so the wife has been getting itchy feet and wanting to move. I think i know the answer to this question already (but we'll see). If nothing else comments from the illuminati here that I can show to her ladyship would be appreciated.

Found an almost perfect house but.... There is a shared drive (about 8ft wide between the houses) which leads to garages behind both houses.

The house we viewed has an additional drive on the former front garden, and the next door property have a large van parked on the shared drive (on both visits we made to view).

Highway narrow so not really possible to park on the kerb etc.

My assessment is either:

-we buy with the intention of serving an injunction to keep the shared drive clear at all times

-we buy, with the intention of accepting the status quo and consequent issues if we sold

-we find a different house

Anything I've missed?
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Re: Shared drive with inequitable use

Postby mr sheen » Tue May 30, 2017 7:29 am

You are already making lots of assumptions that you need to check out before proceeding (which of course I would NOT proceed one step further with this).

The 'shared' drive...what exactly is the legal position in regard to this.
The neighbours had a van parked on the 'shared drive' each time you you already know this will be the situation if you proceed....gotta hope they are really nice polite people who will change their behaviour to suit you as oppose to themselves...good luck with that.
You already have an issue with getting an injunction because the current owner has effectively 'acquiesced' to them parking the van on the long for??....why haven't they taken action? Is there an agreement in place? Why hasn't the current owner put a stop to this??- aggressive neighbours?

Investigation is required.
mr sheen
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