House Extension in Private Road

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Re: House Extension in Private Road

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I can see a possible issue where most companies delivering items with heavy vehicles seek the recipient to sign a waiver before 'Ordering the vehicle to leave the Public Highway'. Ready mix concrete lorries, tippers, skip loaders etc, are often at their legal maximum weight when loaded, if the driver is asked to take the vehicle onto private property and damage then occurs due to the weight, it absolves the vehicle owner/operator of any liability. Should such a vehicle cause any damage, who is going to cover the costs?

It may be the other residents are seeking an indemnity to cover against any possible losses occurred due to a third parties actions.
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Re: House Extension in Private Road

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Gotta love this forum :)
Don't offer payment!! As will potentially create a new contract/agreement...
I would not have foreseen that.
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Re: House Extension in Private Road

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The Op also needs to ensure the delivery vehicles only pass over areas that he has a ROW over as there maybe areas that are owned by neighbours such as verges that may not form part of the ROW. if possible any delivery vehicles should also stick to parts of the ROW that are owned by his property so if damage does occur only his property is damaged.
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