FAQ : Right to Light

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FAQ : Right to Light

Post by Angelisle » Wed Jul 06, 2005 11:03 am

Right to Light

If you find your garden plunged into darkness by the neighbour's new wall, or your garden becomes shaded by the trees next door, there may be little you can do as not everyone has a right to light.
If you have enjoyed a particular level of light for 20 uninterrupted years or more, you are entitled to keep a reasonable level of light for normal purposes, but you can't insist on getting the same amount of light as you have had in the past. The legal test is not 'how much light have I lost' but 'how much light do I still have'
You can acquire a right to light to a particular window in your house, or a structure in your garden, like a greenhouse, but never to the garden itself, so if your garden has been cast into shade you can't complain.
You can complain only if an artificial structure, like another house or a wall, interferes with it, no complaint can be made when it is a natural obstacle like a tree that is in the way. If you have any questions or problems relating to loss of light contact your Local Council.