Public amenity open space

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Public amenity open space

Postby bluebell » Fri Jul 15, 2005 2:47 pm

I object to the loss of the public amenity open space(designated), (raised bank and strip of woodland)(as was)which lies to the side of my rear garden wall, and rear of my neighbour's garden fence, who has since acquired this from the Council, and incorporated it into private garden, over a year ago. Since this land had benefitted both properties primarily for 18 years, it is now the subject of a planning application. I cannot go into my objections, but want to represent myself as best I can. Any information and tips please....does anyone know of any books of relatively simple legal standing that gives advice in how to lay out a formal letter of objection to the Council. My neighbour's friends live the other side of me and unfortunately my neighbour is a NFH. TIA
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