Selfish neighbour parking caravan on grass

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Re: Selfish neighbour parking caravan on grass

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I know people have to park their cars, caravans etc. somewhere,


I have to disagree with that statement (tongue in cheek, mind). People do do not have to keep their caravan somewhere, in fact they do not have to keep a caravan. They want to keep a caravan, so therefore they must want to keep it in their front garden. I can accept that people might have to have a car, so I won't argue about that.

Some modern estates have covenants banning the parking of commercial vehicles, which is what probably gave rise to the objection about a Transit van.

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Re: Selfish neighbour parking caravan on grass

Post by despair »

Tragically far too many new estates where originally there was perfectly adequate parking for at least 2 vehicles being a garage and a drive to each house have now because garages are full of junk or been changed to rooms become streets of parking totally spoiling what was once a nice estate
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Re: Selfish neighbour parking caravan on grass

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Always makes me smile, when people park a car sometimes worth thousands of £ on the drive/street, yet fill the garage with junk, a lot of which is worthless......
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Re: Selfish neighbour parking caravan on grass

Post by philj »

I have to agree with the OP.

A house near to me has a caravan on the front lawn and one on the drive. Until recently they had an overhead power cable to one of them and a tv aerial on a 10ft pole in the middle of lawn.

If all houses were the same then estates would look like shanty towns.
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Re: Selfish neighbour parking caravan on grass

Post by eyesore »

I agree with the OP and have the same issue. I live in a cul-de-sac with one house that kind of 'juts out' in the middle, i overlook the front of this house as does 7 other properties. Now ALL i can see is this caravan which has not moved for 6 months, goes across their front lawn and half of their drive meaning that they have to park on the road as well.
This gives us two issues - 1. it is unsightly and regardless of where i am in my house all i can see out the front is this caravan and 2. when maneuvering on and off of the drive it is impossible to see what is coming. Both myself, my neighbour and the muppet who owns the caravan have all nearly had accidents because there is absolutely zero visibility. This is further compounded by the fact that it is a children friendly road and during weekends and nice weather there are often many children out playing.

I hope that the £200 per year he has saved by not keeping it in storage will satisfy him when a child is knocked down!

As for Nigels comment -"you want to force him to move it" yes, i think neighbours should be entitled to force it to be moved if it can be proven to detract from the property they purchased or cause a danger.

If people want caravans, that is their problem, but just like you can get people evicted for loud noise, why cant you get them moved for visual noise?!?!?

I would be interested to see if anyone has successfully had their neighbour move a caravan?
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Re: Selfish neighbour parking caravan on grass

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Unless you purchased a property with covenants that restrict how other peoples' properties look for the benefit of the other owners, then each has purchased his own castle to do with as he wishes. Maybe you have things he doesn't like. No-one has a right to a view and to dictate what other people do with their land (and this works both ways).
Perhaps a Leylandii hedge on your land would hide the caravan for you :lol:
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Re: Selfish neighbour parking caravan on grass

Post by Clifford Pope »

"and is parked across part of my front lawn" is completely different from merely blocking the view while parked entirely on his own lawn.

Poster 1 - tough luck. There are worse things than caravans to have to look at.

Poster 2 - Write to the neighbour requiring him to remove it immediately, and if he doesn't then move it yourself and then put some low posts in to mark the boundary.
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