Scaffold Licence

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Scaffold Licence

Postby Rover321 » Tue May 17, 2011 5:27 pm

A scaffold licence has been offered to neighbours seeking to build a two storey extension. It is drawn up by RICS surveyors and is in accordance with standard terms and conditions - nothing punitive and no nominal charge for the right to place scaffolding on the adjoining property.

It has been declined - some weeks ago the builder wanted to place scaffolding, as a matter of great necessity, now he wants to do "overhand" building.

No reasons have been given for the change of mind - I am thinking that the builder does not have, does not want to get or cannot get insurance for scaffolding and when confronted with this as a requirement of the Licence - threw a panic and advised his clients to accept overhand building. Alternatively - it may be because he thought that without a Licence he would get unlimited access and time-duration.

Any ideas or experiences - of why a builder may change his mind when faced with a standard Licence request?

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