Accidentally deleted emails from forum members

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Accidentally deleted emails from forum members

Post by Conveyancer » Mon May 23, 2011 7:52 pm

I have several email addresses and two that start with conveyancer@ neither of which I use very much. I was doing some spring cleaning and found both had lots of spam. Without paying too much attention to what I was doing I deleted them and then cleared the trash. When I had done it I realised that I may have cleared out some messages from forum members.

What happened is this: I gave one or two people one of the conveyancer@ addresses so they could send me documents and kept going to check if the messages had arrived and was puzzled when they never did. In the end I gave up checking. I am now wondering if in fact I was checking the wrong email address. :oops:

All this was some time ago and I cannot now remember who was involved. I expect they have long since given up hope of a reply. If the persons concerned still have a problem would they please send another email and send me a pm letting me know the address they have sent it to, but note that I am away for three weeks in a day or two.
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