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Home/business neighbour

Post by Marge » Sat Jun 25, 2011 12:17 pm

Can anyone point me in the right direction please.

1. We have lived in our present house for around 23years. To our side and a bit of distance away a builder had a shed, which he stored some lorries which did not bother us at the time. To the back of us but not directly there was a sheep field. To the side there is a small unclassified access road owned by builder. (Other side of this at a distance the shed was cited) This road we have right of way to our garage at the rear of our property and also our next door neighbour. (On our deeds road has to be kept clear at all times)

2. One year later Builder purchased sheep field and extended shed to a very large industrial looking metal building. He got planning for a joinery workshop in shed an office building and works yard. There is two small yards with entrance at back which houses the office, also at front from which he extended gate facing to the side almost facing our door.

3. Distance from our house our side fence, road and builders fence/yard is around 25 yards (estimate)

4. To cut story short, we have had a lot of bother from builders front yard , mainly noise and the coming and going of delivery vehicles which are quite large as you can imagine delivering wood etc. They even have tried to unload just at our fence which is only 6 feet from our door. We have complained a lot and this rarely happens now.
Builder is very busy now even in this market and his vehicles have got bigger over the years. We put up with a lot as you can imagine.

This morning was the final straw. Over the builders fence "front yard near our house" they store a back of a HGV (do not know what you call it, skip?) They started to pick up large pieces of rubble some the size of a fireplace and drop said rubble into the hgv's skip? It was like a bomb had dropped, our house vibrated. Husband was shaving at the time and the sink shook.

Surely there is something wrong here. This should not be allowed. The last time I contacted the Council all I got was "The builder is a long established firm? I said, what about long established residents but ofcourse no answer to this. I had at that time contacted Council about loading and unloading his lorries in the morning using forklifts in the access road outside our door. Luckily he does not do this now.

Does anyone know where I can find out if he can fill a skip with rubble only yards from someones home, causing your house to shake. We are losing the enjoyment of our home and garden.

Any help would be appreciated.

Marge :|

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