Abuse/bullying in the Forum

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Abuse/bullying in the Forum

Post by gardenlaw » Tue Jul 19, 2011 12:45 pm

We’re very proud of Garden Law and its discussion forum members. Our members and the moderators give their time free and provide essential help to the UK community. As in any good community, our members look after each other and strive to preserve the community’s ethos built up over the years. Consequently there has never been any real need for extensive rules and regulations. Our members and our visitors know what Garden Law’s ethos is and know how to behave.

Over many years, like other websites, we have been the target of spammers and worse. Our oldest members have stuck with us through these difficult times whilst the issues have been gradually addressed and we are grateful for this. Many websites have had to close under this kind of pressure. We didn’t need to, because our members have been supportive and patient.

We are now coming under a different kind of pressure. What we are finding most difficult is that one or two members feel that it is ok to bully and demean other members in public. Cyber bullying is intolerable and will not be tolerated. Discussion forums can generate quite heated exchanges especially when there is a difference in opinion. And that’s what it is, a difference in opinion. In some recent threads, exchanges have become personal and abusive. Comments should always be about the post and NOT the poster. AND threads should NEVER be about members themselves. If you are getting upset with someone, the best thing is to log off and come back to the forum later when you have had time to think about it and construct your argument. Respect and manners go a long way.

Please help us and the moderators by reporting abusive posts by clicking the red ! symbol at the top of the post. Abusive posts and threads are not welcome and will be removed without explanation. Abusive posts are not what Garden Law is about. Abuse of the forum’s ethos in any way may result in the suspension or, if necessary, the removal of the abuser’s membership.