how do i estimate the lands value? & boundary trees.

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how do i estimate the lands value? & boundary trees.

Post by MET » Wed Aug 17, 2011 6:32 pm

how do i estimate the lands value?

we are looking to buy a strip of land which belongs to our neighbours. The property is currently owned by the national trust for scotland and is leased to a business.
the strip of land we are wanting to aquire is tiny, about 4msq, and runs down the side of our house. Currently the boundary is a meter away from the rear of our house but 5 cms from the front so we cannot get down the side of the house. the extra land will widen the triangular stip in to a rectangular strip wide enough to allow us access down the side of the house to our rear garden without going through the property, which with our first baby on the way would be really helpful to us.

i have a couple of issues:

1) there are several big protected tress in on the land, the land we are looking to purchase is between our house and the trees. the land is therefor unusable to the business next door as the protected trees separate it from the rest of the plot and therefore prevent it being used for extra carpark space or building etc..... How do we work out how much the land is worth?

2) i think the boundary is a shared boundary. there is currently no fence in place. we need to erect a fence to contain our dog. Would the land owners next door be liable to pay half the costs of erecting a fence along the boundary?

3) the very large trees on the property drop a lot of leaves and the debris is stacking up against the side of our house. We are worried this is damaging the brickwork of the house and causing damp. It has also pushed through the fence at the front of our property. Can we ask them to remove the debris? officially the debris would be on our side of the boundary line, but as there is no fence in place there is nothing to keep the debris from spreading up against our house wall.

4) we are worried the trees are beginning to cause cracks in our property, is there any way we can get them pruned? Do the land owners of the trees have any responsibility for this?

please help me!


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