A Real Neighbour From Hell

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A Real Neighbour From Hell

Post by Sudynim » Wed Mar 21, 2012 8:42 pm

Quote : - Kevin Hurst bought a semi-detached house at in Wickford, Essex, for £179,000 in July 2008 from couple Stuart and Caroline Wilson. At the time of the sale the Wilsons told Mr Hurst that their neighbour, a piano teacher called Dominic McGrath, was a man who lived alone and kept himself to himself, according to a writ filed at the High Court.

However it turned out that Mr McGrath had a history of “extreme anti-social behaviour” and had subjected Mr and Mrs Wilson and other residents on Melville Drive to “sustained and unpleasant” harassment, the writ says. As well as being given a suspended prison sentence the year before the house sale, Mr McGrath had been given a decade-long ASBO which banned him from wearing a balaclava which gave him an “intimidating appearance”.

Further, the writ alleges that the Wilsons had complained to the police about Mr McGrath and one of them had actually gave evidence on oath at Mr McGrath’s trial in Basildon Magistrate’s Court in 2007. Mr Hurst is suing the couple for misrepresentation and seeking damages of up to £100,000, plus interest and costs.

Mr McGrath has made the lives of Mr Hurst and his wife Kerry a misery, and caused them serious and prolonged upset, distress, and anxiety, the writ says. "Put simply, they have found themselves with a 'neighbour from hell'," it said. Mr Hurst claims that because of the anti-social neighbour his home is worth £94,500 instead of the £180,000 it should be worth, and is demanding the difference. Ends

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/ ... -hell.html

Seems likely that Hurst will win, and take another £20k in legal costs too.
The Wilsons are unlikely to have insurance which will meet their liability, if so.

A sobering story...

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