Councils Has No Access Times to Building Sites?

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Councils Has No Access Times to Building Sites?

Post by Baton68 » Sat Jan 26, 2013 12:05 pm


just a quick straw poll on Local Councils and works access times as specified in Decision Notices. Does your Council specify access times and limits (See attachment).

We live in a tourist dependant area, the Cotswold's, and our Council can not see what the issue is with an owner of a property working 7 days a week, even though they do not live in the property? the Council say that they can install noise monitoring equipment for us... Is this Council one of the last few who do not restrict access to work sites, or am I being foolish and naive?
The owners are serial developers and have annoyed neighbours in our village before with their last renovation. The FIRST weekend after permission was granted, angle-grinding stones at 9:40am on a Sunday morning, 40 yards from the church during the morning service. They have moved 200 metres to this new house so know people around the village.

Do we have may options? I have contacted Councillors and the lie to ask why no times are specified and how ALL our neighbouring Councils have restrictions placed on sites, and they seem oblivious to change.

Thanks for an opinions or war stories,

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