Garden grabbing!

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Garden grabbing!

Post by Jach » Tue Sep 10, 2013 10:48 pm

I was looking for advice in dealing with a planning application to build 2 4 bed detached houses on garden land that will be sold by existing home owners to facilitate this. I am doing this on behalf of my father, he is 84 and not computer savvy! He lives directly next door to the house that is planning to sell part of their garden to enable this build.

He is strongly opposed to this and requested that I write a letter for him opposing the planning permission. He is concerned re garden privacy, the houses being out of character with the surrounding houses, and whereby he looked into his garden and saw other houses in a cul de sac at the end of the garden he will now have a large house approximately next to the half way point in his garden.

It will be an 'eye sore', and it will look out of place among the other houses but I need to put together a constructive letter outlining valid points as to why planning permission should not be passed.

I have done some research this afternoon, it's a very dry and complicated subject I have also checked our council website (South Staffordshire) but cannot find anything on the criteria they work with, planning requisites etc

Any advice would be much appreciated as I really want to help him, he is not being objective and will only write an emotional letter whereby I believe by attempting to produce valid evidence against this proposal may be the way forward.
Many thanks in advance

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