Can you confirm the planning law for height of decking?

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Can you confirm the planning law for height of decking?

Post by kinsey » Tue Oct 08, 2013 7:54 pm


Could you confirm whether the following is the most up to date situation re: building of decking?

Since 1st October 2008, decking is usually classified as a “permitted development” under UK law,meaning you don’t have to apply for decking planning permission to have it installed on your property.

There are some exceptions, however, and decking can only be erected without permission as long as it meets the following criteria:

The decking has a height (from ground level to its peak) of no more than 30cm.
The decking – along with any other extensions, conservatories, sheds and/or outbuildings – covers no more than 50% of the total garden area.
It is erected at least 20 metres away from the nearest highway (in any direction).
It is not classified as a listed building (Grade I or II), and it isn’t situated in the boundaries of a conservation area or a National Park.
The decking and any attached structures (such as a permanent in-built barbeque or rockery) do not affect the amenity value or the privacy of any neighbouring properties.

So, if decking is built to say 50 or 60 cm above ground level then it should need planning permission?

Does anyone know of any other exceptions?

Many thanks.

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