Outbuilding impact on conservation area

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Outbuilding impact on conservation area

Post by Yorkshire72 »

Does anyone know if the visual impact of a large outbuilding on the wider setting, (such as a historic street or a striking natural setting), has to be considered by law during the planning permission process? Thanks for any contribution!
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Re: Outbuilding impact on conservation area

Post by ukmicky »

Tha would depend on the size of the outbuilding and what permitted develpment rights are availiable in the area the building is
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Re: Outbuilding impact on conservation area

Post by andrew54 »

Yorkshire 72, you say during the planning process, so I assume this is not permitted development and we are talking about an application. Yes it should be considered, whatever the size.

It is usually the loss of visual amenity that is considered. If the public have a pleasant view of the building/street and if the proposed outbuilding is going to remove/block/change that view then it might be enough to refuse the application. Maybe you need to tell us more about this situation.
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