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Postby Janieb » Tue Sep 30, 2014 5:53 pm

I've had major problems with my neighbours over the last 5 years. I started renovating my house but my project manager was my son who has been a complete idiot and ended up in prison leaving me living in a building site. You can look at what one of my neighbours has done by looking at my previous posts. I now have the money to continue with the refurb. All of a sudden my neighbours are my friends! I needed a skip which is going to be there for about a year. We have very restricted parking on our road. The neighbours who had been pretty nasty turned up on my doorstep en masse asking if they could share my skip. 3 of them needed skips, so that means 3 lost parking spaces. We now have a jointly paid for skip and my neighbours now know why my property was in such a mess. Sometimes it's better to talk to people.
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