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Post by Gemizzel » Fri Jun 10, 2016 3:05 pm

Hi Everyone,

I would really appreciate some assistance/direction with the usual problem seen here on Garden law.

I have put an offer in on a house which has a "paddock" This paddock has been used as garden for just under 10 years - or so I'm told. The paddock is also in a greenbelt area. There is nothing on this garden except a trampoline and it is mown. are photographs showing a mown paddock and kids playing enough evidence that it has been used as a garden? I just cant see the council accepting that?.

I have also seen another property which has a "garden" which has no classification. This garden is also in greenbelt land. I have plans from 1994 to show the red curtilage line which is roughly what the garden is now.... looks like the current owner has extended slightly?!? Are the planning permission plans with this curtilage line proof that the "garden" has been used as such since 1994 or will the council dispute this.

intended structures would be a Polytunnel, a greenhouse and a shed. Other ideas are a pond, lawn and flowers/plants.

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