Keeping car in my garage without tax or insurance

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Keeping car in my garage without tax or insurance

Post by jonahinoz » Thu Apr 27, 2017 8:12 am


I went off topic in another discussion, and am now starting a topic of it's own, as Google searches reveal that many people do not know the law ... and I'm now not sure that I do.

My understanding is that, even if your car is a pile of bits in your garage ....

All vehicles must be taxed and insured, unless DVLA are specifically informed that they will not be used on the road. This requires a Statutory Off Road Notification.(SORN).

No vehicle is allowed to be taxed unless it has insurance. If the insurance expires, the Registered Keeper must cancel the tax, and make a SORN declaration. DVLA will issue a refund, or cancel your Direct Debit.

DVLA will issue with an £80 fixed penalty for not declaring SORN.

DVLA will (might) send you a reminder when your period of insurance ends

DVLA can fine you £1,000 for keeping a taxed vehicle when the insurance has been cancelled/transferred/expired, unless the Registered Keeper has made a SORN declaration. See ... sured-cars

If you sell a car, any tax or SORN declaration is cancelled. You must tell DVLA, who will then cease to regard you as the Registered Keeper, and refund any outstanding VED, or cancel your Direct Debit. DVLA expect you to keep an eye out for their postal notification that they have received the documents that you sent them, and tell them if you do not receive it within four weeks.

If you buy a car, you must inform DVLA, and either tax the car, or make a new SORN declaration. You must not drive the car until it is taxed, and insured in your name. Only the Registered Keeper may tax a car. :| I have heard that DVLA do not check insurance when taxing a car on line, but have never tested that. Why would they ... a £1,000 fine is a nice little earner if a car is taxed but not insured. Me? I would make the sale conditional on me arriving home in my new purchase, with the receipt timed and dated accordingly.

DVLA cannot size an untaxed car that is parked within the environs of a house or trade premises. I'm not sure about other private property.

I think that is enough for starters. No doubt it will run, if people are interested, or die a death if they are not.

Slightly related ... examine your driving licence, it will show when the photo-card expires (it's generally renewable after 10 years). You have only three options ...

Renew the photo-card, when due.

Surrender your licence.

Pay the £1000 fine.

Even if you intend never to drive again, doing nothing is not an option. Your entitlement continues until you turn 70, even thought the photo-card has expired. I'm not sure of the latest rules after you pass 70. It used to be that your licence lasted three years, and was renewed FOC. But you will no longer have Catagory C or D entitlement, unless you pass a medical at your own expense.

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Re: Keeping car in my garage without tax or insurance

Post by jdfi » Sun May 07, 2017 10:22 am

Couple of things you didnt mention.

When one checks vehicle enquiry service the status will either be

Not found

If unlicensed, then could be a few different things:

If the date is before 1997, there is no requirement to SORN, so that is ok.

Recent dates denote a few different things. One of which is 'in the trade' which is also OK.

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Re: Keeping car in my garage without tax or insurance

Post by Clifford Pope » Sun May 07, 2017 11:55 am

jonahinoz wrote:Only the Registered Keeper may tax a car.
That's not true. If you buy a car you can immediately tax it, either online or at the PO, for example to drive it home.
It takes several weeks for the change of registered keeper to be recorded by DVLA.

As has often been pointed out, there can be a month of overlap when a vehicle is taxed twice, by the old and new keepers.

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