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Re: parking

Postby amboringbutcultural » Wed Aug 16, 2017 9:35 pm

I've appreciated the interest taken in this unpleasant situation and help offered.
I have been told by another neighbour that when the development was proposed on the orchard adjacent to the lane, those living in the lane at that time specifically asked that the parking area they presently used be retained as it is a narrow lane.
It was designated for that purpose and to create a splay but none of this estate was then adopted by the council.
This neighbour may have the 1.8 strip of land on his deeds but has no control over who parks as it is a first come basis and is mostly used by visitors.
We have not heard anymore as of yet but if his officious letter has no legal basis he was foolish and very unkind to demand our compliance in removing our van and stating so aggressively we did not have his permission to park there.
On top of that apparently one chap on that estate has a caravan on his drive!!!
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