PD outbuilding's enormous window looks into our bedroom

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PD outbuilding's enormous window looks into our bedroom

Postby Joannella » Wed Aug 30, 2017 4:11 pm

Our neighbours are having an extension put in and their garden terraced which is fine with us but as part of their work they are also having a large outbuilding built. This comes under permitted development and is under 2.5 meters even though it's huge. However, they are having a large window put in the front of it which, due to the slope of our garden, has a clear view into our bedroom. It also overlooks the garden but we can fix that with a 2 meter fence but this will not protect our privacy from our bedroom. I've looked at the plans online and there is no mention of a window in the plans or on the illustrations. We don't care about the size of the building which is good as there'd be nothing we could do about it but the window is a significant issue. We did speak to the planning dept. but was put through to someone just answers the phones but she was under the impression that while the building may fall under permitted development, there were separate rules for windows and they may be in breach and we should put in a complaint. Does anyone know if the neighbours can do this? Or has any experience of a similar situation? We do want a good relationship with our neighbours and have tried to voice our concerns but they aren't listening and there solution was to put some bamboo in but the problem is unless they grow it 25 foot high it's not going to block the view due to the angle! So, we're just looking for advice before we go official.
Please help!
P.S. sorry for repeating but I think I posted in the wrong board previously - v. new to this forum!

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