Council tax ... caravan on building site?

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Council tax ... caravan on building site?

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From a discussion on another forum ...

Are the LA allowed to charge Council Tax on a caravan being lived in while a house is being built on the same site? If yes, how do they decide what band it should be in?

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Re: Council tax ... caravan on building site?

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My understanding is that if it your main residence, then it will be subject to Council Tax, but first there will need to be a valuation done (which will probably be on the main property). This is the case with barges etc.

I think in practical terms, if you receive a letter demanding council tax and you are still paying council tax on your house while work is going on, chances are that they will accept that it is a temporary accommodation and duplicate tax will not be required.

Don't take this as gospel, but this is my understanding.

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