Neighbour's soil pressed against my house

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Neighbour's soil pressed against my house

Post by HamishF »

Hi everyone

It has been suggested I post this on the General forum by another member to give me a better chance of a reply as the Walls forum effort wasn't successful.

I'll try my best to explain the layout of the properties first. I own a mid terrace with an end terrace either side. Directly behind the terrace is a cottage. The cottage is on higher ground and the soil from the garden runs straight into the back of the three terraced properties. I'd estimate the soil is 1 - 1.5m at it's highest point. The property is in Scotland as I know legislation and such like can differ. I have had sight of the wall structure. Viewing from the inside of the home its layered: plasterboard, polystyrene insolation, timber frame, thick concrete skin from the ground to the ceiling and I can see the black damp proof coursework poking out of the bottom.

When I bought the property a recent planning application had been withdrawn for an extension to the cottage. When I introduced myself to the neighbour I was informed the application was withdrawn but was passed permitted development. The cottage owner works in the planning department for the local authority and had a word with a colleague who told him how to adjust his plans so it didn't need planning permission! This is a separate worry for now...

Anyway, the main concerns I have are:

1. My neighbour's soil is pressed against my property and the external rendering looks worn and damaged - what can I do?
2. The extension will create downward pressure and this might cause damage to the wall of my home (??) - what can I do?

I'm a layman for sure and I'd appreciate any help or guidance.

Thanks to anyone who replies.
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