Garage Roof converting to Terrace

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Garage Roof converting to Terrace

Post by jdfi »

Hi guys,

We viewed a house today. Back garden is tiered and decked. The garage roof needs redoing and backs onto the garden.

Lovely south-facing garden. I can't help but think that the garage roof would make a lovely terrace.

Would it need planning?

Or rather, would it need pp if I didnt bother with rails/edging?
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Re: Garage Roof converting to Terrace

Post by pilman »

It's not clear whether the garage is attached to the house or is a separate building, but the permitted development rights within the curtilage of a dwellinghouse are set out in this Statutory Instrument that applies to England.
Wales has its own GPDO.
The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015

You will need to read through Schedule 2 Part 1 quite carefully to see if what you are contemplating is granted planning permission, or whether an application will need to be made to the local planning authority.
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Re: Garage Roof converting to Terrace

Post by jonahinoz »

Hi Pilman,

Thanks for reminding me, I keep intending to send you an email.

About this garage roof ... could using it as a patio be construed to fall under the same height restrictions as decking? Maybe that would apply if the roof needed to be strengthened before anybody could walk on it?

John W.
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