Registered ? ? ? of a memorial

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Registered ? ? ? of a memorial

Postby MothOfDoom » Sun Feb 25, 2018 11:42 am

I have found a piece of paper at my local archive that refers to a part of land that is contained within the boundary of my property and i can't read all the wordage.

Can someone perhaps help me fill in the gaps and perhaps help me understand what it means.

It refers to a strip of land roughly 1.2mtrs wide and about 17mtrs long along the bottom of my garden.

Theres a stamp that reads:

East Riding Register of Deeds, Beverley
Registered by the _____________ of a MEMORIAL
16th January 1957
There are two more lines of words unreadable.

__ __________ of the MIDLAND and executor ___ __________ company with hereunto affixes in the presence of:- "Could this read __ __________ of the MIDLAND and executor and trustee company with hereunto affixes in the presence of:-"

Director Signature:

Counter signatue:

two other lines of unreadable words then signatures of the then owners of my property.

Anybody have any ideas what this is all about please?

I have found an online reference sugesting that the Midland trustee company could be the "Midland Bank Trust Company Ltd" which looks as though it's now a part of HSBC.
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