Garden Soil - is there a statutory guidline?

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Big Pansy
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Garden Soil - is there a statutory guidline?

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Hello Everyone

I'm new to this site - can I ask whether anyone knows whether there is a statutory guideline for how much top soil you should get in your garden if you buy a new build house?
We were really looking forward to planting up our new garden but when I went to plant some tiny crocus bulbs: I realised that there was hardly any top soil beneath the grass. I've tried asking the NHBC this question but they have not responded so far.
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Re: Garden Soil - is there a statutory guidline?

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NHBC guidelines for 2018 state 100mm of topsoil but this is not statutory. ... s2018/#384
mr sheen
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Re: Garden Soil - is there a statutory guidline?

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Your contract may give detailed specifications about how the garden was to be laid including the amount or thickness of topsoil and whatever is in the contract is what you paid for and should have got. If it doesn't specify topsoil and just says garden will be covered with topsoil and then turfed and there is turf then that is what you paid for.

It is going to be difficult to prove how much topsoil was laid if it specifies tonnes or 2-6 inches but if it specifies 0.5m depth of topsoil and you haven't got a reasonable amount then you may have a complaint.
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