New Sewage Connection

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New Sewage Connection

Post by Freckle » Tue Jun 19, 2018 12:20 pm

Hi everyone,

I'm playing with the idea of installing a toilet in my outbuilding (where I work, and plan to rent out). I've ruled out saniflo due to location. It would not be used for #2's much either :). I feel all I'm left with is installing a new connection. My choices are; 1. connect new (dig up road) or 2. connect to neighbouring manhole (need their permission).

Of course due to the work and location of the road (very busy cut through road), I'm guessing due to cost that is not even an option. It's approx 10 feet from the outbuilding, if that. The sewage runs down the middle of the road, therefore disruption to the public and council costs will be a premium so they will have to dig up the pavement and road. My other feasible option it to tap into our neighbours, which I'm not so sure will agree and of course I respect that, however, what can I do to provide them with all the facts to alleviate any concerns they may have with us using their connection. Their manhole is about 4 feet from the planned location of the toilet. I say they wont approve as we recently asked if we could drill a small hole into their side wall to install a fence post and the said no. I respect their wishes always.

The toilet will be used mainly for #1's due to the nature of the business. Clients rarely asked to you my own toilet in my house. The reason I want to install the toilet is to rent out the cabin, without having to be in all day in case someone wants to use the toilet.

So, what would your advice be?
1) How pricey is it to have a new connection i.e. dig up road, council redirection of traffic etc. I was quoted almost £500 just for the application and inpection from Thames water services.
2) What do I need to think about with my neighbour in terms of work, solicitors maybe to incorporate some sort of easement, reposnsibility etc?
3) Any options, i.e. has anyone experience of chemical toilets, or other options? The cabin is built on a concrete slab so to drainage etc.

Thank you all in advance. x

Hugh Jaleak
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Re: New Sewage Connection

Post by Hugh Jaleak » Thu Jun 21, 2018 8:37 pm

Depends what you want to pay! A new connection into the road will possibly be several thousand, and will have to be laid by an approved contractor. If Thames insist on a manhole on the connection, the cost is even more. Your best option seem to be to approach the neighbours, and discuss terms, if you make it worth their while, they may agree. You would need Building Control approval, and they will need to inspect the work. If it makes the neighbours drain then become shared, its win win for them too, as Thames will have to take over ownership of the shared sewer.

If they dont agree, there are other options, i.e. pump and chamber on your property, pumping to your drains. You haven't mentioned the drainage on your property, I would assume a gravity connection to this is not feasible?

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