Bullace recipes.

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Bullace recipes.

Post by greenfingers63 »

I have what I thought was a cherry tree in my garden, but my neighbour says its a bullace tree. Although I have found some recipes for bullace drinks, I don't seem to be having much luck with decent pie/crumble recipes. The berries are a deep red in colour and will probably need picking within the next few days. Any good recipe ideas?
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Post by juliet »

I had never heard of a bullace fruit so I googled. Wild Plums.

Some sites say that the texture isn't too good for eating and so are largely made into drinks. But Elizabethans used in desserts. Why don't you just boil them up and then add sugar until tastes OK? Then let us know how you got on?

Mind a vodka recipe caught my eye....five min prep but you got to wait up to a year til ready

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