Our fence on their boundary - advice appreciated

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Our fence on their boundary - advice appreciated

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Our former neighbours have emigrated to Oz.

Before they went we asked about repairing the adjoining fence between our back gardens. It;d been ramshackle for years and understandable they didn't want to spend money on it as they were moving away.

The boundary is theirs according to the deeds. However we said we'd pay for a replacement fence if they agreed to it being placed on their boundary (as marked on the deeds/plan). They agreed. The work was done ok and we paid for it all. They did not pay anything.

There was me thinking that would be the end of it! (Some hope). The new new neighbours seem ok (so far), but tell me they intend to knock down their brick garage and rebuild it further back – which (yes you've guest it) will be bang up against the fence in question. I feel pretty sure the old neighbours will not have mentioned this fence business to the new folks – who presumably regard the fence as theirs as is officially their boundary. The fence -might- be affected by the sighting of the new garage – not sure yet.

If (I say “if”), they start dismantling the fence it will be too late to say something so I'd like to head-off any problems by telling them about the fence before they start – basically all I want is for the fence to stay as-is.

We are in a strange situation where we own the fence material and structure but it's on their boundary.

I'd really appreciate some advice on which way to go with all this – legally or otherwise. I don't want to start off with them on a bad note and these things can so easily go wrong – as we all know here.
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