Air passenger compensation Article 9 EC Regs 2004

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Air passenger compensation Article 9 EC Regs 2004

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Article 9 of 2004 EC regs terrifies airlines. It allows passengers to claim "care" expenses (eg accommodation and subsistence) if your flight is cancelled even if it is for a reason beyond the airlines control like volcanic ash. There is no suggestion in Article 9 that the amount of compensation should be limited to a "reasonable sum": the fact the fare for the flight was rediculously cheap is the airlines - not the passengers- problem.

Getting compensation may in practice not be easy. Expect the airline to ignore correspondance but a professor of law recently recovered money from Ryanair after the volcanic ash disruption. In this case he simply made a claim online in the local district court in Dublin. All that was required was a simple statement saying he was making a claim under Article 9, that he had booked on a particular flight, but the flight had been cancelled and that accommodation and subsistence costs to a specified amount had been incurred, and that receipts for the costs could be provided, and also making the point that he had tried unsuccessfully to get a response.

Worth Remembering.